Monday, August 27, 2007

Illustration Friday: Visitors + Captain

Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit and gang were frequent visitors to ol' Mr. McGregor's garden, but they might have found even greater adventures if they'd taken to the high seas. They could have found gardens on every shore to plunder, and been up to their knees in cabbage while drinking pints of carrot juice ale.
As you can see this was started for last week's topic, but it didn't come together in time, so I tried to stretch the idea around to fit this week.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Illustration Friday: Emergency

After an emergency delivery a healthy baby boy fawn was successfully delivered. Mother deer is doing well, and getting her much needed rest.
I wanted to draw deer after seeing 3 the other day on my afternoon walk. They always look so gentle, delicate, and I imagine caring too, as I often see the babies staying close to their protective mothers. I believe they'd make excellent candy stripers.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Illustration Friday: Missing

Too Many Geese

Is Canada missing some geese? We have a bit of a Canadian Geese population overload around here. When I go on my walks they are just everywhere. When I drive to work I wait while they cross in front of my car, and when you don't see them you can easily tell where they've been by all the evidence they leave behind. In the spring the parks district has been working on some population control methods, but teaching geese to practice safe sex is a near impossible mission. I guess we could always play a round of 'duck duck goose', but we seem to be missing the ducks.

I'm not very happy with the coloring on this one. I was having trouble with the black getting away from me with my old stand by technique, and I was losing the drawing, so I included the sketch. I think I could do a better job with a traditional painting, but time is short, and I must be getting some sleep. I was missing in action here on the blog for a few months this summer, and now I'm still trying to get back into the drawing groove. Thanks to everyone who has stopped by, and left kind such comments. As always it's very much appreciated, and I love hearing from everyone.