Thursday, October 29, 2009

illustration Friday: Fast

After the turbulent storm Caleb and the Whale were fast friends.

I can't decide which color version I like best. Which do you prefer?

I really enjoyed sketching this one. Although I may have gone a little overboard with the waves. Ha! overboard = ship reference! Oh, I think I've been up way too long, and am getting loopy. This is my image for the other side of my promo postcard. I wanted to show character interaction with a dash of emotion. I'm also planning on offering prints of this in both color versions, but I'm too tired to get that set up tonight. But, check back soon. :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Illustration Friday: Flying

What do we have here? Well, when pigs fly in autumn they love to eat caramel apples while soaring through the air because they like how the stickiness catches the flying insects making for an extra special treat! Mmmm....yum!! There you go.....explanation provided. :)

When I read that the topic was 'flying' I immediately thought of my Flying Ace Andy, but didn't want to repost. Also, I needed to post a quick little illustration since some other drawings I've been working on have been proving to be more time consuming. ( I feel like such a slacker, and start to feel rusty if I go too long between posting a somewhat completed illustration.)

I'm about to register for the Indianapolis Picture Book Conference on Nov 6-7, and I was thinking I might use this for a promo postcard, but I'm not sure if I'm happy with how the colors turned out. I've started sketching another idea for the flip side. I'll have to take a look at this one tomorrow with fresh eyes. I'm thinking sleep is going to feel really good right now. I'm off to test that theory.......

(*edited with bolder line and color)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Reunited with my old drafting table

Since I now have more room in my new art studio I decided to move in my old drafting table that has been in storage at my parent's house since my high school days. Reassembling it was a bit of a challenge with only 2 hands, but miracles can happen with the right amount of stubborn determination. I never much liked this table because the wing nuts were always coming unscrewed, but I was introduced to locking washers at Home Depot, and so far all feels secure....fingers crossed. I had to make some modifications. I removed one of the cross braces to create a ledge, so I can try working at an angle, and moved the bottom brace that the chair was running into.

Friday, I found a clearance Ott-Lite TrueColor lamp, but I think I still need at least one more lighting device. I also realized I wanted to take advantage of the daylight when I can get it, so I rearranged my office, and moved the whole setup next to the window.

I can't wait to get painting to try this all out. With my old art desk, I can even work on 2 paintings or projects simultaneously! I'm planning on working on a new surface. (I just love the smell of pine, but transferring to the wood is going to be my least favorite part.) I've been working on this drawing for awhile, but still have details to work out. I've been distracted by sketching on some other ideas. The color palette came to me the other day which is exciting when I know what colors I want to play with before the drawing is complete. Colors often drive me.

Hopefully, I'll get some more art up here on this dusty blog before too long. I have procrastination projects lining up. Gourds to finish painting, necklaces to bead, pillows to sew. I call this kind of stuff 'productive procrastination' since it does result in the completion of other projects, but it keeps me from the more important stuff, so I must resist!