Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Illustration Friday: Fearless

I did this piece for the 'Art Makes Noise' show a few months back. Here it is transferred onto stained wood art board & lightly shaded with colored pencil. A few of my reference photos are lying about the living room.

I turn the computer screen so I can see my color study that I worked out in photoshop as well as a few reference canaries. My printer is almost always out of ink, and even streaks black & white images, so visuals on screen are my better option .

I'd like to go back and work a few areas just a bit more. This was done on wood board specifically made for painting, but I found it too be much too slick for me. It was like painting on glass, and the paint just slid off. So, I've since gone back to my original craft boards with their toothy wood grain that I love.

'Canary Chimes In'
Acrylic on wood
The yellow canary was so fearless he flew in and sang his own song loud and proud.