Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Illustration Friday: Voices

I had been wanting to draw some geese for the holidays, but I didn't know what they would be doing, and then the topic, 'voices' was chosen, and it all came together. I've been quite a blog bum with the not posting in so long. I hit a big creative fall/winter funk, and lost my mojo for a while, and also had some other priorities that I had to focus on.

But, now it feels great to draw something new again, and get back to Illustration Friday especially since tomorrow will be my 3rd year blog anniversary! Thanks so much to everyone who has visited, and been so encouraging. It means a lot, and fuels future posts. This blog and IF have helped me build up a portfolio, and with the help of my dad I was able to launch my website this year. I still have planned to build a shoppe, and to start selling some greeting cards and prints through Imagekind. And I'm very excited that I'm all registered, and I'll be attending the NY SCBWI conference in January 2009. Is anyone else planning to go?

I want to wish everyone a very Happy Winter Solstice! Yay!, longer days are soon to come in the northern hemisphere. Also, have a happy, jolly, fa la la la la-filled fun and safe holiday season! I'll be traveling the roads to go home for the holidays later today, and they're calling for tons of snow, so I'm hoping for a safe trip.