Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Storybook February

Valentine's Day seems to be an appropriate day to post my February painting for our Storybook Brushes calendar.

This one was my biggest challenge as I worked to figure out what I wanted these characters from the Snow Queen to look like. Since I had February, I thought the rooftop garden scene with Kai and Gerda would fit nicely. But, exactly how to compose this scene with two buildings and an adjoining garden was the question. So, there were many, many sketches.......

Also, the gathering of references as an idea began to take shape......

I thought I had it with this sketch, but the critique group pointed out that the image was rather static. It needed more movement from left to right since we were designing these as picture book spreads.

I agreed, and knew I could do better, so I gave the scene some more depth. Here's a painting progress shot....

the final piece....

Last week I was very excited to finally receive my set of finished calendars! I'm very impressed with the printing quality. I love how the woodgrain is apparent, but subtle.

The pages are a nice weight with a beautiful matte finish.
Maria's, Katriona's, and Juana's pages looks gorgeous!

It was fun to package them up, and they've been making there way across the country.

I have some extras left, so if you would like one they're available in my Etsy shoppe.