Monday, August 03, 2009

Illustration Friday: Modify

And when she finally let go, the magic of her true life began to unfold....

And finally after many modifications I'm calling this painting finalized. Other things came up so this sat idle for a bit giving me a chance to figure out how I wanted to paint it. I was sure that I wanted to paint in gouache, but after painting a background wash and a bit of the figure it just wasn't feeling right, so I started over completely in watercolor. This seemed to give me more control over the tiny details. I can envision an infinite number of ways to paint this one. Maybe acrylic on wood, or different color palettes, but we'll stick with this for now.

I feel like this painting represents where I am right now in my life. I've let go of some past restrictions I had put on myself, embraced change, and am enjoying all the new developments that continue to occur. The future does look bright from this angle. :)

Prints of this piece are available in 11" x 16" and 8" x 10"

Also, for anyone in the Seattle area, Roq La Rue is running 2 incredible solo shows by 2 of my favorite artists. "Beauties and Beasts" by Nicoletta Ceccoli and "Daughters of Our Nature" by Columbus's own Eric Fortune will run until Aug 8th. These amazing shows compliment each other beautifully, and are a real treat for the eyes.