Tuesday, August 27, 2013

End of summer wrap-up....

Wow, I can't believe summer is slipping away already. Even when it's a little too hot I still love this time of year when everything is all green and alive. It makes me feel more alive.

But on the bright side, September always feels like a time to begin anew. I guess I still get that new school year feeling, and it feels like a time to get back to business. For me, it feels like a much better time to set new goals than January, in the dead of winter.

So, to move on, here's some pics of the last few weeks. Above is a wrap-up of the 5 weeks of Lilla's Make Art That Sells e-course. I stumbled on week 4. I was originally excited about it since it was all about having fun, and following where the paint takes you. It sounded like a great idea, but my 'illustrate with a purpose' brain began to have a lot of anxiety over the loss of direction. So, after the course I picked up some books on intuitive painting, and did some experimenting. Well, that is, after I painted this old bookcase.

Since there was already tarp all over my living room, I turned the area into a temporary work space to help loosen me up. Big strokes need a big space, right? I had fun playing with some various materials.

Then I tried some smaller scale experiments...

In the meantime, my tiny garden filled in nicely this year....
and I had some nice visitors.

I hiked some woods, and found some inner peace and stuff. :)

After rearranging my studio, I discovered with the addition of some bamboo utensil holders, my old Ikea computer desk is a great place to store paints.

Now, I'm happy with my studio space again. :)

So, back to the sketchbooks........