Monday, July 26, 2010

Illustration Friday: Double

Atelier acrylic & Acryla Gouache on 8" x 8" wood board

As I worked on my last painting commission I decided to take my second unchosen idea to final as well to use in my portfolio. It may have 'doubled' my work, but I enjoyed working on them both.  While the other was more appropriate for the assignment, I was glad I pushed myself to complete this one as well.

It was rather fun bouncing back and forth between the two. I just slid them down my drafting table, and as I was still figuring out a section on the one I could focus on the other.

This time I supplemented the Atelier Acrylics with some Acryla Gouache for some of those brighter pinks and whiter whites. I'll be experimenting more with this combo.

I then used this for one side of my promo postcard to take to the SCBWI LA conference.

I've also made this painting available as a print since I just discovered that Imagekind does have square formats available. Yay! So, I've uploaded some of my more recent works as well. You can view them all here.

*update: revised colors

Friday, July 23, 2010

Illustration Friday: Breakfast

Atelier acrylic & Acryla Gouache on 6" x 6" wood board

Hey! Come back here with my breakfast!

This illustration idea started out in my sketchbook as a tug of war between 2 bunnies, but they weren't going to play nice in my square format, so one bunny then picked up the donut, and before I knew it he took off running! Perhaps he realized how little time I had to complete this. It wasn't until I was working on the colorstudy that I saw that this hearkens back to my 2010 running rabbit theme.

My years of Illustration Friday training helped push me to go from sketch to final painting in just under a week. Thanks to the entire Illustration Friday community for being so supportive and encouraging!

This piece will be in the Too Yummy! group show from July 30 - August 1, 2010. Too Yummy! is the second installment of this fun-filled food-themed event, which will raise funds for the Mid-Ohio Foodbank.

I needed new business cards for the SCBWI LA Conference next week, so I worked this into the design which I now need to rush over to the printer.

Special thanks to illustrators, Tracy Bishop, Laura Zarrin, Andi Butler for helping me critique my business card tonight. Just when I needed a kidlit critique group in the late evening hours the universe found these wonderous gals who helped me out despite my bad timing of coinciding with kidlitart chat! Multi-tasking all the way!

Carrot Donut Thief print available here.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Illustration Friday: Diary

Atelier acrylic on wood board

Dear Diary, when I grow up I want to drive fast!

This painting was a recent commission that I very much enjoyed working on. I was told that this was to be a baby gift for a little girl whose nursery is pink and blue with a floral oriental rug, and that she likes sock monkeys and her dad likes to race cars.

As a base I started with a very watered down acrylic wash. I love this part! It's the only time I get to use the big brushes. The palette doesn't stay this clean for long. I'll share the after in the next post.

 After the paint dried the boards needed just a bit of sanding. Yes, there's two because I had a second idea I wanted to complete. I'm finishing it now, so I can add it to my portfolio for the SCBWI LA conference that I'll be attending at the end of this month.

I transferred the drawing with brown colored pencil. I always keep references I collected close by.

Before I started the painting I worked up a loose color study in photoshop. I was still unsure of how to pattern the colors, but I realized I would need to work it through during the process, or I'd never get anywhere.

I sort of liked the all pink color scheme, but finally dove into the blue. The dark navy blue became the necessary contrast. You can see a slice of the other painting I was working on to the left.

If the paint became too thick, or an area wasn't working I sanded it back, which is something I enjoy about working on wood. It's like having an undo button! The smoke went through several evolutions.

When I was finished I sealed it, and attached a wire for hanging. I just heard today that this gift was given and well received!