Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Illustration Friday: Rescue

Got a sweet tooth craving? Never fear, Aviator Piggie to the rescue with a deliciously sweet caramel apple! Please do excuse the insects though. it's to be expected when one flies through the air with sticky objects.

My flying piggie from last autumn has come to life in 3D for the Toy2R 15th Anniversary Qee Show at Rivet Gallery here in Columbus, OH. Opening April 3rd.
see my previous post for more show info.

Sculpting and painting took longer than anticipated, and with the show this weekend I knew Piggie and I wouldn't have much time together, so we tried to make the most of it. Here's how the day went:

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Now, the princess, who also happens to be in the Qee exhibition couldn't be bothered with this tree climbing and playground nonsense, but I did manage to snap this quick candid shot of her--

Both the Princess and the Piggie are available for sale at Rivet Gallery here.

Toy2R 15th Anniversary Qee Show

'Aviator Piggie'
paperclay on vinyl Baby Qee toy with needle felted clothing

'Azure Princess'
paperclay on vinyl Baby Qee toy with jewerly findings, yarn, and ribbon

I just dropped off my 2 finished pieces for the Toy2R 15th Anniversary World Tour (Baby Qee Edition) @ Rivet Gallery. These were so much fun to create. I had forgotten how much I love to sculpt in 3D. The paperclay ended up being a wonderful surface to paint on. It was great breaking out the needle felting again too.

more process info here.

The official show flyer featuring Chris Ryniak's awesome work:

official press on the show here.

More show & artist info at Rivet Gallery

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

custom Baby Qee toys in progress

This blog needed to be fed with some art, so I thought I'd share what I'm currently working on. I've been sculpting Paperclay onto these Baby Qee vinyl toys, which are both new materials for me. My previous 3D experience has been with Sculpey and Sculpey 3, so I washed off the Sculpey bits off my old tools, and was happy to see that it was somewhat similar to work with. After some trial and error I found that I actually like Paperclay more, and the bonus is that it air dries, so no baking, which I thought might be devastating to the vinyl. It also dries super lightweight, so they didn't become too top heavy, although my girl needed some stabilization built into her dress.

These are for an upcoming show:
Toy2R 15th Anniversary Qee World Tour @ Rivet Gallery
Group Exhibition - Opening April 3rd, 7-10pm
more show info & artist list here.

Here's how they started off before their brutal facial reconstructions and rhinoplasty. I ended up covering them almost entirely with Paperclay. I'm finding that I really like the texture of the Paperclay surfaces, and that it's really fun and easy to paint on. More updates soon....