Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Toy2R 15th Anniversary Qee Show

'Aviator Piggie'
paperclay on vinyl Baby Qee toy with needle felted clothing

'Azure Princess'
paperclay on vinyl Baby Qee toy with jewerly findings, yarn, and ribbon

I just dropped off my 2 finished pieces for the Toy2R 15th Anniversary World Tour (Baby Qee Edition) @ Rivet Gallery. These were so much fun to create. I had forgotten how much I love to sculpt in 3D. The paperclay ended up being a wonderful surface to paint on. It was great breaking out the needle felting again too.

more process info here.

The official show flyer featuring Chris Ryniak's awesome work:

official press on the show here.

More show & artist info at Rivet Gallery

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jim bradshaw said...

Awesome job on your sculpts, Angela! I want to check out Paperclay now. I have thought about adding to vinyl toys but wondered how to get around the baking thing. So glad you posted this1