Saturday, December 23, 2006

1 Year Blog Anniversary

Tomorrow is my one year blog anniversary, but I'll be on vacation, so I'm celebrating a day early. I remember being so excited starting this up, and posting my first Illustration Friday post. This blog has been a wonderful creative outlet for me. A place to follow through on the ideas floating around in my head. I cherish all the support from everyone who's stopped by for a visit. I love hearing from you. You've all kept me so motivated to go on, and try new things. I'll be doing more blog visiting over the holiday. I've added some more of my favorite artists to my blogroll.

This will be my 34th post. It's not quite the 'at least once a week' goal I was reaching for, but it does feel like an accomplishment. This has been a real up and down year for me. I have noticed that for me every year seems to have a theme or a certain focus, and I seem to follow my own little story arc that supports it. This year I thought I knew what I wanted this year to be about, and what goals were most necessary to achieve, mainly to buy a house, but I learned that sometimes the path from A to C involves a lot more focus on B than you had intended. There was so much more middle stuff that needed to be accomplished before the end goal C could ever be thought about. But that has been a good thing since stopping to focus more on my art and career has opened up new and exciting opportunities that may bring me to a better point C than I ever had imagined. This year I learned that the most random points in your life have a way of connecting in ways you never considered. I hope in 2007 to see even more of my dots connect.

Illustration Friday: Peace

Who! who! who!, Merry Christmas! to everyone who participates in Illustration Friday, and everyone out in the blogosphere and beyond!
Tomorrow is my 1 year blog anniversary, and it's been such a fun year meeting so many new friends. I hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday.
Happy Winter Solstice!