Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Importance of Quality Drafting Chairs for Illustrators

A great illustrator has many tools at their disposal. While some tools like pencils, pens, and paper are considered staples in the art community, there is another tool that is equally as vital to the creative process. Sure quality art supplies make an artist's job easier, but it's not all about what goes into your hands. Sometimes it's what goes under your butt that matters most. I'm talking of course, about a drafting chair.

Creating art requires great focus and countless hours of hard work. When you first begin a new project, you want to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible. Most artists spend hours slumped over a desk or drafting table, deeply immersed in their work. Very few people consider the physical toll that this can take on your body. When sitting down and digging into a long project, it is important that you sit up straight and have the proper support for your back. Ergonomics aren't just for the office. The more comfortable you are, the easier you'll be able to focus, and that level of concentration will surely be reflected in your work. Having a quality office chair or drafting chair will help ensure that your back will stay straight and upright. This will help make the hours less painful, at least from a physical stand point.

Many artists now-a-days also use computers for digital illustration, graphic design, and photography. The same rules that apply in an office setting hold true for artists as well. You need proper back support or you're going to regret it later. When logging in long hours on a project, the proper posture can help relieve stress, which is always helpful. Different chairs come with different options and some are definitely better suited for your body than others. Try to find a chair that has been labeled 'ergonomic' to help make sure it will help you maintain the proper posture.

You should find a chair that best suits your artistic projects. If you spend long hours at a computer desk, then an ergonomic office chair would be your best bet. If you work primarily at a drafting table however, you would be best suited to use a drafting chair. Drafting chairs differ from office chairs, in that they site much higher off the ground to accommodate higher drafting tables. They also usually come equipped with a foot rest to prevent your feet from dangling awkwardly.

Not only are these chairs good for your body, but finding a designer task chair can help create a modern and fashionable workspace. An artist's desk is the focal point of their studio. It's the first place your eye is drawn to, so you want it to say something about you as an artist. Choosing the right task chair can help accent your desk and turn it into a stylish centerpiece for the room. An artist's work area is the heart of their studio and everything needs to be functioning perfectly in order to create the perfect environment for artistic creation.


Kristi Valiant said...

I agree! Last weekend I bought a new expensive chair because the next few weeks will be the busiest illustrative weeks ever for me. This chair has a separate piece that juts out and supports my lower back. I love it!

Angela said...

Yeah, it's during those busy times when a bad chair can really haunt you. I went through 3 before finding the right one.
That extra back support sounds heavenly Kristi!!

christine grove said...

I think I am completely without the proper equipment! Also I gave you an award over on my blog:)

Eric Barclay said...

Great post and an outstanding illustration.

sketched out said...

Amen sistah! It's hard to find just the right one, but man, when you do, it makes all the difference in the world. Great post! Love your accompanying illo too. Top notch!