Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I found this mummyboy in my Moleskine sketchbook, and thought sharing him would be an excellent way to wrap up the Halloween season. Hope you've had some spooky fun!

This year I added 3 wonderful Halloween books to my picture book collection. I've been a J. Otto Seibold fan since years ago when he spoke at my college about his gorilla marketing techniques such as putting his promo stickers next to the octane ratings at the gas station. His Vunce Upon a Time is a clever story, and I have a lot to learn from his varying viewpoint page layout compostions.

Both The Halloween Kid by Rhode Montijo and Welcome to Monster Town by Ryan Heshka are 2010 releases, but they each have that classic retro vibe that I love. The Halloween Kid has quickly become one of my all-time favorites with it's limited color palette and fun character designs.

This is a touch of my autumn decor. Interestingly, the colors here are similar to my book purchases.

When the sun comes in and hits this gourd I painted last year the glitter reflects and creates these stars on my wall. For me happiness often is noticing the beauty in the little things.


sketched out said...

Love your mummy boy!! That gourd photo is most excellent. You are really quite a good photographer young lady.

Thanks for sharing some of your special things.

Happy Halloween!!

Laura Zarrin said...

I love your mummy boy!!!! Great books! I'd love to hear more about Seibold's gorilla marketing techniques.

Missy said...

Mummy boy is very cute, great stuff.

TJ Lubrano said...

Ciao Angela!

The mummy is so cute and I love what you did to your wall! I painted my walls when I moved into the home I live in now and used structure paint and on this I painted a soft warm yellow/orange layer over. I could blend the paint and fade it out to create effects. Which as very cool. It also has little specks of glitter in it and when the sun shines it feels as if it comes a non creepy way haha!

Love your work! Can't wait to see more.

Eric Barclay said...

That mummy is just too cute. Love the way you decorated the gourd, too.