Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Indiana SCBWI Conference 2011

A few weeks ago I attended the Indiana SCBWI Conference. I was especially excited about this conference because of the Illustrator's Intensive with Clarion Books Senior Designer, Kerry Martin, where we had an assignment to complete before the conference. We were to complete 2-3 page spreads from Goldilocks & the 3 Bears. Text was only laid in for placement as we were told to concentrate on the illustrations.

Something clicked with me during this assignment. I feel like information from past conferences, picture book illustration books, helpful blogposts, etc. all started to make a bit more sense, and it was so fun to attempt to put it into practice. I've illustrated tons of Illustration Friday words, but to tackle an actual story was exactly what I needed to work on in order to focus on the storytelling. I enjoyed taking this story into my own world with the Goldilocks piggie, and somehow she ended up with a sidekick in my sketches. I had fun with the little details in Baby Bear's room, and I enjoyed pushing the expressions in the porridge scenes.

The night before the conference there was an Open Mic night where writers read a few minutes from their manuscript and received short, anonymous, written comments from the audience. Also, illustrators were allowed to display their portfolios for anonymous, written comments. It's helpful to read an envelope full of portfolio comments to see what pieces stood out, and which may not be working.

Saturday's sessions and breakouts were excellent!  Rebecca Kai Dotlich inspired us with how she became a full-time Poet and Children's Author, and emphasized how there are no excuses to not going after your dreams. She had many obstacles, and not the most ideal writing space, but she persevered.

If you ever have a chance to hear Lisa Yoskowitz and Mary Kole speak at a conference you must attend! Their energy filled the room! They both were very clear on what works and what doesn't during the First Looks session. The competition is intense out there, so bring your A game and be professional.

Many thanks to our excellent faculty for this conference.
Lisa Yoskowitz, Editor, Disney-Hyperion Books for Children
Mary Kole, Agent, Andrea Brown Literary Agency
Kerry Martin, Senior Designer, Clarion Books
Rebecca Kai Dotlich, Poet and Children’s Author

This was Kristi Valiant's first year organizing the conference and she did an absolutely amazing job! She put extra care into all the details, with our personalized schedules, yummy buffets, and a great overall event line-up. I can't wait until we get to meet up again in LA in just a couple months. Man, this year is really going fast!


Nina Crittenden said...

Oh, Angela! Such beautiful work! I love that little poodle!

Tracy Bishop said...

Oh, wow! Your spreads look amazing!

Diandra Mae said...

Hurray on the coagulation of information tonage! :) I'm glad things are clicking along for you.

You are going in a great direction, especially with your piggies! Her expressions are great, and you know exactly what is feeling. I really like the textures and patterns you used, and that poodle sidekick is the perfect touch! Sidestories are so fun. ;)

(ha! My word verification is hamgd!)

Food and Drugs said...

Great work. I got humgry of porridge. Sure. Children will eat it all too!

Renee Kurilla said...

These came out fantastic!! <3

Angela Matteson said...

Thanks everyone!
Small conferences rock!

Andi Butler said...

They look wonderful Angela!

a : )

Kristi Valiant said...

Oh Angela, it's so obvious that something clicked for you during this assignment - these illustrations are soooo fabulous! Love all the details especially your addition of the pink poodle and Mr. Hippity Hop. I've always loved your textures and the way you draw animals. I can't wait to see what you come up with for LA! See you in a couple months!

Maria Bogade said...

Wow Angela! This is stunning! And I am very happy to hear everything is going so well for you! Your style is so beautiful!

Bella Sinclair said...

Hooray! Sounds like it was a terrific conference! Brava to Kristi Valiant!

Your pages look FABULOUS! Great expressions on the porridge scenes, and the little poodle is adorable! It's all very animated and engaging. Love the perspective in the second spread with cute little baby bear, and the shine on the wooden floor is fantastic. Oooh! I see the little robot toy!

lil kim said...

This looks awesome Angela! I love Goldiepig and especially love the above angle in the 2nd spread and all the details of the room.

I just went to the Western Washington regional conference and it was great too. Wish I could join you in LA again!!! You'll have to enjoy it enough for me too :-)

Julissa Mora said...

Hey Angela! Your spreads look awesome! Love your version of goldilocks... so cute! :)


These are just delightful. I love Goldie in her bed and the poodle all curled up nearby. Great colors,too. I see many books in your future! Looking forward to seeing you at LA SCBWI. Suzanne


and one more thing. I love the hardwood floor under baby bear. Excellent!

Shirley said...

Fabulous spreads, Angela! And I concur with everyone - baby bear's entrance (perspective, expression, and wonderful hardwood floor) are fantastic!