Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Storybook Brushes & Our Calendar Project

What happens when 4 illustrators from 4 corners of the globe join forces?

A 12 month calendar by Storybook Brushes is born! 

When Maria Bogade contacted me about forming a group with the main purpose of producing group mailings to the children's book publishing world I thought this is exactly what I needed. While I've handed out promotional postcards at conferences, I was still working on establishing a mailing routine. I was so honored to be asked to join this group of brilliant, established professionals.....Katriona Chapman, Juana Martinez-Neal, and Maria Bogade.

And so began months of emails, to chose a name, design the logo, the calendar cover & inside pages, the website,....oh, and critique our calendar pieces. Juana hand painted our logo, which we all fell in love with. When I was home for Thanksgiving I drew a little squirrel tribute to our group on the cherry pie I baked with my mom.

For our fairy tale themed calendar, we were each responsible for 3 months. The horizontal format is meant to mimic a double-page spread. I chose to create a series from The Snow Queen, although oddly enough the queen herself never makes an appearance in my 3 pieces. I was unfamiliar with the full story, so I enjoyed reading the tale of Gerda and Kai in search of illustration ideas. Choosing 3 scenes with Gerda would allow me to work on my character consistancy. The chapter with the old flower woman who conjurers seemed appropriate for a summer June illustration.

There were many sketch revisions, and many, many more character development sketches, but I'll get back to that in another post.

I would have painted these on thin 1/8" wood boards, but I have my first local solo show coming up, (this Friday), and I wanted to include these pieces, so I would need to make them presentable to hang on a wall.

work in progress

final painting - acrylic on wood

scanned and color adjusted
Now, I'm very proud to announce that I finally opened my Etsy shoppe! Wow, how many years have I been talking about opening an Etsy shoppe? Hmmm, pretty much since I started up this blog 7 years ago. In the next several days I'll be working on filling up angelatoshoppe with prints and original paintings. I'm pleased to announce my very first listing is our calendar! As this is the Pre-Sale I'll also include my Penguin vs. Chicken/Hansel and Gretel piggies 2-sided promotional postcard with the first 10 orders.

Our calendar is only $10, and besides being sold in my USA shop, it may also be purchased at Kat's Etsy shop in London, Maria's Etsy shop in Germany, and Juana's Big Cartel shop here in the USA.

Working with the Storybook Brushes crew has been a most awesome collaboration. There have already been many thank yous in our private emails, but I wanted to publicly thank my amazing illustrator friends.....Maria, Kat, and Juana. Thank you for being so incredible, and making all of this possible! :)

We invite you to visit our new website to learn more about Storybook Brushes.


Lori Dean Dyment said...

This is on my Christmas list for my studio as inspiration. So wonderful.

Jenn Bower said...

Congratulations! What an awesome opportunity. The calendar looks amazing.

Shirley said...

What an awesomely awesome and talented group of artists and beautiful people! Congratulations and may Storybook Brushes thrive, Angela! Your work is gorgeous!

Angela Matteson said...

I'm so delighted you like it! I wish you 12 months of inspiration!

Angela Matteson said...

Thanks so much, Jenn!

Angela Matteson said...

We appreciate all your support, Shirley!
Thank you! :)

Paul Stickland said...

Wonderful! Congratulations!

Angela Matteson said...

Thanks, Paul!

Bella Sinclair said...

I first saw this on Maria's blog and I had to clasp my hands to still my racing heart. This is an enchanting and gorgeous, gorgeous calendar. You are all so amazing! You know, I wasn't really looking forward to a year of 13s, but this completely changes my whole perspective. 2013, bring it on!

Kristi Valiant said...

Look at that adorable pie! Oh Angela, this group seems perfect for you! I absolutely adore your illustrations on wood - love that texture shining through - and this group seems like it'll help with motivation to get new work sent out. Can't wait for your first book! I know it's coming!

Angela Matteson said...

Bella, thank you so much! I hope we can help bring you a marvelous year!

Angela Matteson said...

Kristi, thank you for all your encouragement! I do feel like I've found a great fit with these wonderful ladies. Oh, and I'm seriously considering the Midwest con.

MJC *-* said...

Ahh I also want to make a calendar! I saw a discount somewhere and I really wanted to make one, but with own graphic design. It looks very cute Angela and nice that you collaborate with the others it's a great match.