Wednesday, June 05, 2013

A gift for Baby Eva

acrylic on wood
This was a gift for my dear friend, Juana Martinez-Neal. As the days to Baby Eva's arrival drew near, I was hit with a burst of inspiration for this painting. It quickly became one of my most enjoyable pieces to paint ever!

The day before Juana was scheduled to deliver her little bundle of joy she was emailing me words of encouragement for my art career. That's the kind of amazing, always-thinking-of-others friend she is. I was very grateful, but of course, told her "go get some rest, girl! There's a baby on the way tomorrow!" I'm so glad our artistic life journeys have crossed paths via the internets. Everyday I'm reminded....follow your dreams, and you will meet the most extraordinary people.

Trying to decide on a composition was a bit of a challenge as I had a few different directions that I was equally interested in pursuing. In the end it was about choosing the elements that best fit together in this decorative piece.   

idea sketches
I always need printed references

work in progress

As another example of how Juana is always looking to help our illustration community, the last few weeks she posted an incredible blog series with numerous tips on how to put together a prize winning portfoilio.

I highly recommend stopping by her blog to read:
In other news, although the blog has been quiet, I've been busy. I attended the 1st ever, Wild Wild Midwest SCBWI Conference in Fort Wayne, IN. It was an amazing, inspiring event that brought the feel of the big LA conference to our humble midwest as 5 regions from 4 states hosted.
In other-other news, I'm back in school! I enrolled in Lilla Roger's online class, Make Art That Sells, which is a 10 week intensive course covering 10 major markets. I'll have more on this in the weeks to come. So far, it's day #3 of class, and we just received our first assignment, and we're all incredibly excited, and some of us might also be a bit nervous. *points to self* Already I'm so glad I've decided to invest in this course. It will be quite a challenge, and I look forward to pushing myself, and learning so much along the way. As an added bonus, I see many art friends are also in the class. So fun!


ken said...

a very thoughtful gift. lovely.

i have a friend who just had twins and wanted to do the same but couldn't come up with a composition/image that i liked. i'm still working on it but might not be done till the kids have graduated from college.



utilize one of your rejected sketches...

yeah, can you blow these up a little more? :)

have fun with your online class. don't forget to give your teacher a virtual apple.

Angela Matteson said...

thank you, Ken!
Twins, you say? I can see that being doubly difficult. When it's for a friend you want it to be so special. It adds some extra pressure. I think it was the mojo stone that helped me out. I know you'll get it worked out, and your friend will love it!

Guiomar González said...

Wonderful gift! I've done some illustrations for my friends' babies, it's always a lovely thing to do. I love your illustrations, and Juana's as well, so it's nice reading about your friendship and how art unites people :)

Diandra Mae said...

This is one of my favorite pieces of yours! (And I agree about Juana. She is a treasure trove of fantastic advice!) Hurray on the pushing yourself. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with for Lilla Rogers' class. :)

Angela Matteson said...

Thanks so much, Guiomar!

Angela Matteson said...

Thank you, Diandra!