Monday, February 18, 2008

You Make My Day! :)

I didn't mean to be away from the blog for so long. I had some other projects that I needed to focus on. I wanted to say a big thank you to Linda over at Sketched Out for passing me the "You Make My Day" a few weeks ago. Her wonderful sketches and brilliant sense of humor always make my day as well, so right back at ya' girl!! :)

Here is how it works:

1. Write a post with links to 5 blogs that make me think and/or make my day.
2. Acknowledge the post of the award giver.
3. Display the “You Make my Day Award” logo with a link to the post that I wrote. (Optional)
4. Tell the award winners that they have won by commenting on their blogs with the news.

I know this has already made the rounds to all the great artists out there, but I still want to pass this along to some awesome friends who are always making my days sunny! :)

- Eric Smith (glimbit)

- Eric Orchard

- David Sones (pickeldog)

- Andi Butler (gee, that's swell)

- And everyone who has stopped by to comment. Your input, support, and critiques are much appreciated as I continue on my artistic journey.


Pickledog said...

Thank you so much Angela, you made my day! I'm glad you liked the interview with Neil.

nina seven said...

Angela - You've been tagged again! This time to show some photos of your workplace. If you want to play, post the pics, with where you were tagged from and tag some more people!

glimbit said...

Hey Angela, I didn't respond to this here yet, but it felt great to be a day-maker. You're one for me, too.