Friday, February 01, 2008

Illustration Friday: Tales and Legends

Oh, the princess had already kissed so many frogs, toads, and various other small amphibians, so how could she know if this one would be the true prince?
Was this tale created in the days of old to convince young girls to marry toothless ugly men? Just wondering.

I was so excited by this topic, and it's many possibilities, but the ideas didn't flow as expected. I've been collecting all sorts of references of people poses, etc. for quite some time, and pulled out my stash, and 2 images seemed like they would make a wonderful illustration. I tried to sketch it all week, but it didn't want to work, so I abandoned the idea, and started anew. I decide to work on the left side on my sketchbook, since I've been skipping over all the left sides, and I thought taking advantage of these blank pages would give me a new outlook. I worked with the overall broad shapes of the illustration first, and then gradually added a few details, and the process felt very comfortable.
I was reading my horoscope for next month over at Astrology Zone, and Susan included this interesting tidbit, "Social scientists say that creative breakthroughs occur in 90-minute cycles. When you first sit down to begin working on your idea, you won't know exactly where in the cycle you are entering, so it is important that you keep concentrating for at least 90 minutes."
They say this is the way our sleep cycles work, and also our daily energy cycles, so perhaps there's some truth to it. So when things aren't working next time I'll have to keep at it consistently for 90 minutes. I guess it's worth a try.


glimbit said...

You're great with expressions, A. This is a very bittersweet image - I love it!

The frog is cute, too.

I think there might be something to that 90-minute rule, though it feels like a lot longer than that.

Eric Orchard said...

Beautiful piece. The bit about creative break throughs is somehow very encouraging to me, if I hold on long enough good things will happen. I actually find this is the case.

sketched out said...

That's really interesting about the 90 minute cycles. I'm going to keep that in mind from now on.

Beautiful image! So sweet and innocen, and she looks so unsure she buys the whole thing.

Well, I am passing on the "You Make My Day" award to you, because you really do! Come see the details on my blog. Thanks for all you do!

ms. froggie said...

yay! a redhead! yay! a frog! :DD doesn't take much to win ME over! :))

this is so lovely, angela! i really like your soft and yet very defined, style-wise line, it's very unique and lyric, especially in a piece like this. i've been looking at your work for a bit now, and i think it's all wonderful. :)

and you and i are inspired by the same "extraordinary" illustrators, too! jimmy p, lane smith, should also look at adam rex, um, glin dibley, stephen gilpin (adam is on his own) but the other 2 are with kidshannon...good ones for you...similar thinking but they really inspire me. i'll be back! froggie

scribblesk said...

I love the way she has this "Do I really have to do this?" expression. Also an elegant and ethreal drawing.

Daniel Ted said...

Why frogs? Why not iguanas?-they are uglier.

andi butler said...

that is so interesting about the cycles, i will have to remember that, so many other things have their own cycles, why would creativity be any different?

Your princess' expression is wonderful, once again a faboo illustration!

take care!

a : )
i tried to find you on face book, are you on there?

imwithsully said...

What a wonderful piece! I missed this one last time...