Thursday, May 15, 2008

Illustration Friday: Electricity

After Ben Franklin discovered electricity he invented the oven, and he and Isacc Newton baked that apple that fell on Isaac's head into a very fine pie in this chapter of altered history.

This week's topic of course made me think of Ben, but I also, for some reason, immediately thought of Isacc, perhaps because their epiphanies both came about outdoors. Anyway, I was excited about drawing some historical figures, but the sketch wasn't turning out like I planned. It was too dull and ordinary, and I asked myself, "Matteson, where's the style, the dynamic shapes, the fun???" I was discouraged, but kept at it until I got to this point which I'm kinda o.k. with.

Interestingly enough, I just read that Ben just missed meeting the aging Newton. So it feels good to be able to bring them together at least in spirit. Ben actually did invent the Franklin stove, but it wasn't electric. For more real facts follow the links above.


thedoodlegirl said...

TOO fun! Fantastic illo and fun commentary! :)

Anonymous said...

OMG they are too adorable!! illos this cute would have had me pay more attn in school!

a : )

SaiSai said...

Such a cute style! Way to keep with it, they turned out nicely!

Debra Cooper said...

This is quite funny. I really like the limited color use.

Thanks for visiting mine.

Eric Barclay said...

This is a really cool concept. Love your use of color in this piece!

Ben Douglass said...

ooo i like, very nice

Eric Orchard said...

Amazing, your work keeps getting more interesting and better.

Angela said...

Thanks everyone!!

I really wasn't sure if this one would turn into anything. I'm feeling like that more and more lately. It starts out so ordinary, and I just hope that some of my own style creeps into it.

I was so tired when I scanned it that I only did some quickie 20 minute coloring. I'm pleased that the parts I left unfinished look intentional. :)

Eric I owe you a typical day meme. I plan on writing it out this weekend.

Eric Orchard said...

Don't worry too much about it!
I caved in to blog peer pressure!

sketched out said...

Not only is the drawing wonderful, but your accompanying story is clever and funny! I also liked your comment about Ferdinand's uncle Earl, hee hee. You are quite the storyteller, missy!

sheree said...

not dull and ordinary at all - love it!

glimbit said...

This is really cute and would sell like hotcakes in London or other touristy places in England.

This reminds me of The Office:
Michael: Half pants, right Mr. Franklin?

Ben Franklin: Knickers in fact, yes!

Michael: He's in his knickers. Mr. Franklin, I would say you are probably one of the sexiest presidents ever.

Ben Franklin: Well, actually, I never was president.

Michael: Yes, but, Ben Franklin was.