Friday, December 04, 2009

OAL Thumb Box Exhibition- All Sold! :)

acrylic on wood (6" x 6" each)

I was at the Tiny Canary handmade arts & crafts show a couple weeks ago at the very cool Junctionview Studios artists' space, and met awesome fellow CCAD grad, Amy Atwell, who told me about a small works show with the Ohio Art League. I was excited about this prospect since it's been a goal of mine to get some art up on a gallery wall somewhere for quite some time. So, I was determined to get at least one piece done, but managed the max of 3, in 2 just weeks. It helped that I had some sketches already started that worked for this size. I ended up sick with a cold, as if it wasn't enough of a challenge, and I had to finish the one at my parents' home over Thanksgiving.

These are painted on wood panels with Atelier Interactive Acrylics which enable you to re-wet them for blending, but you can also 'cure' the bottom layers with a hair dryer to glaze on top. I had more fun creating these then any artwork I've ever done. I loooovvvved working on the wood, but I also want to try these paints on paper.

Tuesday I attended the OAL 'Art of Hanging' Workshop where we learned how to group and hang multiple works for this gallery show. Amy and I are very proud of 'our wall' we put together, and it was fun, and I learned a lot. After a few hours, hundreds of the submitted (6" x 6" or smaller) works were up.

Last night was the Opening Reception of the Thumb Box Exhibition, and I saw that all 3 of my paintings already sold!!! This is my first gallery showing, so I'm very excited. :)

I'll be sharing some progress pics of each soon, and once I color correct my scans I'll be offering up prints. I'll also be blogging about the Picture Book Conference I attended last month. There's been so much going on that I've been getting behind here on the blog.


nina seven said...

congrats on a sold out show! how exciting, they are all lovely!

carla said...

Hi Angela,

Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm happy to hear from someone else who is inspired by Twyla's book. I only wish I had read it sooner, it's really inspired me. I absolutely adore these little paintings!!! I would love to see them a bit larger to look at the details - they look so pretty and colorful. I have been painting on wood for the last few years and I'm pretty much addicted to it over canvas. The interactive acrylics sound cool... I just might have to try them:) Congratulations on your sales... I wish you many more:) xxx

Angela Matteson said...

Thanks Nina!

Carla, I didn't realize your beautiful work was on wood. I've always loved woodworking, from sanding, staining, distressing, etc. Now it feels natural to paint on, like coming home. I'll be posting close-ups of all 3 along with some step by steps.

Eric Barclay said...

These are outstanding!

Anonymous said...

I love these!!

-Paulette Sopel